Balinese food

So this is from my recent trip to Bali. I completely fell in love with the baliness food and off course the hospitality. 

As a food lover, I’m always interested in different types of cuisines and the methods of cooking. 

My stay there wasn’t that long, but I got to experience (modern) amazing spicy, tangy and sweet favors, however I’m not a big fan of sweet dishes: My favorite was this amazing tangy curried fish dish packed with exotic flavors, unforgettable! All throughout my stay I ate mostly seafood… grilled, steamed or curried. Lamb, beef and chicken Satays with peanut sauce were also great, very popular snack there.

What I missed out on was trying their street food. I believe to know,  learn and experience more about a new cuisine is to try the local street food or foodmarket.

Also there fresh salads with mild spicy tangy sauce and local vegetables are amazing. Bean dishes are a must try and not forgetting banana leaf or papaya leaf shrimp wrap with coconut sauce… yummy. Use of coconut is very common, which actually inspired me to create my own dishes using coconut. Being from Fiji where we get fresh coconut and Fijian dishes also consist of coconut milk, flesh and oil bought me so much memories of my homeland.But given now I live in shanghai and getting fresh coconut can be difficult, but I have used what I can get here ( I’ll be sharing that later on) coconuts used in desserts are  absolutely fantastic. 

I’m really looking forward for my next trip to Bali, so I can really learn about the methods of cooking traditional baliness food and hopefully trying some street food and dessert, which I missed out on.

I will be sharing some of the mouth watering dishes below;)